Darma Henwa GMS Determines Board Changes

Darma Henwa GMS Determines Board Changes

Jakarta, September 3, 2020 - PT Darma Henwa Tbk (DEWA) held the Second Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) and the Second Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS), at The Bridge Function Room, Thursday (3/9), which one of the agendas is a change in the Board of the Company.


Based on the resolution of the GMS, the members of the Board of Commissioners and Directors of DEWA are as follows:



President Commissioner                                             : Nalinkant Amratlal Rathod

Vice President Commissioner (Independent)          : Suadi Atma

Independent Commissioner                                       : Muhammad Lutfi

Independent Commissioner                                       : Gories Mere

Independent Commissioner                                       : Kanaka Puradiredja

Commissioner                                                               : Djajeng P. Andalaswanto

Commissioner                                                               : Ashok Mitra



President Director                                                         : Saptari Hoedaja

Vice President Director                                                : Prabhakaran Balasubramanian

Director                                                                           : Ivi Sumarna Suryana

Director                                                                           : Agus Efendi

Director                                                                           : Rio Supin


"Change in the composition of the Board is expected to strengthen Company's business structure and to make Darma Henwa more productive and competitive in improving its performance in the future," said Vice President Commissioner concurrent Independent Commissioner of DEWA Suadi Atma.


In addition, the DEWA GMS also explained Company's good performance throughout 2019. During 2019, DEWA managed to book revenue of USD344.65 million, grew by 24.83% compared to 2018. Meanwhile, DEWA earned USD3.46 million net profit, increased by 6.37% compared to the previous year.



"Observing the economic conditions that are full of challenges, we are grateful that the Company could go through 2019 well. Facing challenges as well as opportunities along with the challenging development of the coal and mineral industry, the Company implements a mix of strategies including operational excellence, cash cost reduction, HR competence and teamwork, also continuous improvement initiatives," said DEWA Director Agus Efendi, in the Directors' Report to shareholders.


In the future, he believes DEWA's performance will continue to grow. Until the first semester of 2020, DEWA's overburden removal reached 61.35 million bcm, grew by 33.86% compared to the first semester of 2019. While coal delivery in the first half of 2020 raised by 27.96% to the position of 9.11 million tons.


In the Second EGMS, the Company made amendments to the Articles of Association in accordance with the new OJK Financial Services Authority Regulation concerning the Electronic AGMS and EGMS of public companies.