Human Resources Development

General Policy

For the Company, Human Resources (HR) is the most valuable asset and key to determining success in realizing operational targets and business development plans. Integrated mining services require reliable human resources having knowledge in mining, infrastructure, civil, supply chain management, plant and maintenance, port services, and other expertises. The availability of highly competent human resources that demonstrates commitment, dedication, and high integrity is critical to ensure continuous and quality business growth.

As competent human resources has a strategic role in the development of business scale, the Company carefully prepares HR management plan, develops human resources competency, and provides employees with career path and remuneration packages that are determined in fair, transparent, and competitive manner to ensure the Company’s achievement of competitive edge. This competency improvement program planning, management, and realization are considered longterm investment which is expected to provide the best benefits in the long run.


The Company upholds human resources development in the performance of work at the entire operational stages. The Company is fully committed to fufilling its workers’ rights, managing and developing their competency in accordance with laws and regulations in the occupational health and safety and manpower fields.

Right to Associate and Gather

The Company upholds the right to associate and gather by supporting the establishment of Labor Union. The Company also facilitates the implementation of various agendas for labor union activities. Labor Union is the Company’s partner in formulating cooperation agreement provisions in the Collective Labor Agreement, and likewise the Company Regulation provisions.

Equality and Work Opportunities

The Company provides equal opportunities for the community to become prospective employees, regardless of differences in gender, religion, race, or class. The Company selects employees based on the qualifications needed at each position.

Manpower Issues Complaint Mechanism

The Company provides a complaint mechanism on manpower issues as a form of respect for the employees’ human rights.

Prohibition of Child Labor

The Company limits the minimum age of workers to 18 years, or has already been married.

Right to Paid Maternity Leave

The Company gives rights for female workers to obtain leave rights at the Company’s expense. In this case, at the time of delivery, female employees who will give birth can apply for maternity leave, and during the period of labor, the employee is still entitled to obtain wages.

Right to Avoid Dangerous Tasks

The Company entitles employees to refuse to do certain duties in the event that the equipment and competencies possessed are deemed inappropriate and inadequate. In addition to the above examples, there are numerous regulations and policies of the Company that show fulfillment of employees’ rights. Various rules governing the relationship between the Company and Workers listed in the PKB are reviewed periodically, which shows the commitment and concrete form of implementation of the Company’s responsibility to Human Resources development.

Gender Equality and Fair Job Opportunities

The Company’s employee recruitment policy always pays attention to gender equality and fair job opportunities. In recruiting HR, the Company provides equally the same opportunities to everyone who wish to work in the Company. Moreover, career path is prepared by the Company to give opportunity to the potential employees to be prepared for regeneration according to the Company’s business.