Procurement practice is one of the most important parts to support the implementation of the Company’s core business. The entire procurement process is managed by the Company by prioritizing the principle of sustainability which complies with laws and regulations. Procurement practices that are part of the supply chain include work contract management, material and service procurement management, procurement systems, logistics and compliance.

The Company applies business ethics in accordance with the principles and norms of good corporate governance (GCG), namely transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness. The Company ensures that every procurement of goods and services for mining, project work processes, and K3 implementation is in accordance with the Company’s protocols and the prevailing laws and regulations, based on the principles of good intention, well planned, and is not under pressure or influence from other parties.

The Company has managed its supply chain optimally to support the availability of tools, materials, operator services, contractors, and others on time, in use and on cost to facilitate project completion.