PT Darma Henwa Tbk. (Darma Henwa or Company) was duly established since October 8, 1991, based on Deed no. 54, which had been amended twice with the Deed of Amendment No. 141 dated February 12, 1993 and Deed of Amendment No. 29 dated July 5, 1993, all of which were drawn up before Notary Siti Pertiwi Henny Shidki, SH. These deeds had been ratified by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia by virtue of Decision No. C2-6334.HT.01.01. TH.93 dated July 19, 1993 and registered on the Registrar of South Jakarta District Court under Decision No. 834/A.PT/HKM/1993/PN.JAK.SEL dated September 15, 1993, and later published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. 13 dated February 14, 1995, Supplement No. 1346.

In July 1996, the Company changed its status from domestic investment (PMDN) to foreign investment (PMA) company as Henry Walker Group Limited acquired the Company’s majority

of shares, and at the same time amended the entire Articles of Association to conform with the Indonesian Company Law. In September 2005, the Company officially changed its name from PT HWE Indonesia to PT Darma Henwa. Such change was approved by BKPM based on BKPM Letter of Approval No. 41/V/PMA/1996 dated May 15, 1996. The Company then obtained Permanent Business License (IUT) based on Decision of BKPM Chairman No. 215/T/PERTAMBANGAN/2001 dated May 17, 2001. The Company then received Letter of Approval for Expansion of Foreign Investment No. 138/II/PMA/2001.


Furthermore, according to Deed No. 38 dated July 17, 2007, prepared and presented before Humberg Lie, SH, SE, M.Kn, which had been registered in Company Register No. TDP 090314516764 on the Company Registration Office of South Jakarta No. 658/RUB 0903/VIII/2007 dated August 13, 2007, the Company had amended the latest articles of association with regard to the changes made to conduct Initial Public Offering. Such changes had been approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights on July 19, 2007.


The most recent deed amendment was made on October 27, 2020, with Deed no. 64, drawn up before Humberg Lie, SH, SE, M.Kn, Notary in Jakarta.

Pursuant to Article 3 of the Company Articles of Association, the purposes and objectives of Darma Henwa are to conduct business in mining support and other excavation activities, repair of metal fabrication products, machinery and equipment, rental and operating lease (machines, equipment and other tangible goods), road and railroad construction, building construction, construction of other civil buildings, demolition and land preparation, and head office activities.