• Saptari Hoedaja

    Saptari Hoedaja

    Presiden Direktur

    Indonesian citizen, born in Jakarta, May 30, 1959. Mr. Saptari obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology (1978-1983) and various competency development programs in banking, management, marketing, investment, futures trading, stock equity, and capital markets. He has experience in various industries such as manufacturing, finance, to mining. Mr. Saptari started his career by working at Mitsubishi Motor Corporation, Japan in 1984. He later became Manager at Citibank, Jakarta (1986-1989), Vice President / Business Manager of PT Bank Bumi Putera (1989-1992), Vice President / Treasury & Financial Institute of PT Bank Universal (1992-1993), Senior General Manager / Treasury & Banking Relationship of PT Astra International (1993-1995), and Managing Director of PT Astra Securities, Jakarta (1995-1997). Then, he entered the Bakrie Group as Commissioner of PT Bakrie Swasakti Utama (1997-1999), Director, PT Bakrieland Development (1997-2001), CEO of PT Bakrie Capital Indonesia (1998-2001), Director, PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk (2008 -2010), Chief Executive Officer, BUMI PLC (2011-2012), Non-Executive Director, BUMI PLC (2012), President Director, PT Petromine Energy Trading (2010-present), President Director, PT Arutmin Indonesia (2011- 2014), President Director, PT Kaltim Prima Coal (2011-present), President Commissioner, PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (2010-present), and President Director of PT Bumi Resources Tbk (2001-present). He was appointed as President Director of the Company based on the resolution of the AGMS dated June 27 2019.

  • Prabhakaran Balasubramanian

    Prabhakaran Balasubramanian

    Wakil Presiden Direktur

    An Indian Citizen, Prabhakaran Balasubramanian was born in Salem, India, on April 17, 1973. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering from PSG College of Arts and Science, Tamil Nadu, India, and holds a Certified Private Pilot License (PPL) from Government Aviation Training Institute (GATI), Bhubaneswar, India. Prabhakaran is the Founder & Managing Director of Thriveni Earthmovers Private Limited. His career began in 1993 with a small used excavator and a garbage truck borrowed from friends and family. From there, he built Thriveni into one of the largest mining services companies in India with more than 4,500 units of Heavy Earth-Moving Machinery (HEMM) with an earthmoving capacity of 400 million BCM. Thriveni's growth started in 2012, under the leadership of Prabhakaran who was able to develop the Company from USD5 million in revenue to USD1 billion in 2020, or within 8 years. Prabhakaran has served as Vice President Director of PT Darma Henwa Tbk since September 2020.

  • Ivi Sumarna Suryana

    Ivi Sumarna Suryana


    Indonesian citizen, born in Jakarta, March 26, 1966. Appointed as Director of the Company on March 28, 2014. Starting his professional career at PT Reka Patrindo as Managing Director (1998-2001), served as President Director at PT Arini Permata Indah (1998-2003) , Chief Executive Officer at PT Sakanusa Dirgantara (1999-2001). Worked at PT Batara Sawit Lestari as a Commissioner (2001-2002). Served as President Director at PT Mitraguna Intiga and Chief Executive Officer at PT Trans Utama Kargo (2002-2010). Received a Bachelor of Science (BSC) degree in Hospitality Management from Western International University, USA and earned his Master's degree at Western International University, USA taking the Business Administration study program in Industrial Marketing.

  • Agus Efendi

    Agus Efendi


    Indonesian citizen, born in Ponorogo, on September 5, 1970. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mining Engineering from the National Development University (UPN), Yogyakarta and a Master of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from Lambung University. Mangkurat, Banjarmasin. With 20 years of experience in various well-known mining contractors, he has extensive knowledge in the field of coal mining operations. He filled the positions of Mining supervisor and Coal Quality Supervisor at PT Gunung Bayan Pratama Coal Muara Tae in 1998. After that, he became Project Engineer (2000-2001) and Deputy Project Manager (2008-2010) at PT Thiess Indonesia. Mr. Agus joined PT Darma Henwa Tbk in 2010 as Project Manager of the Asam Asam coal mine in South Kalimantan owned by PT Arutmin Indonesia. In mid-2012, he was appointed as Head of Bengalon Coal Project in East Kalimantan owned by PT Kaltim Prima Coal. He then served as the Company's Chief Operating Officer since October 1, 2013 and appointed as Director on April 29, 2016.

  • Rio Supin

    Rio Supin


    Mr. Rio Supin, has Indonesian citizenship. He completed his education as a Bachelor of Accounting from Sriwijaya University with extensive experience in accounting, tax, asset management, risk management and finance. He joined as a participant in the Graduate Development Program (GDP) at PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) in November 1999 until he served as Manager of Accounting & Tax in 2008 and then served as General Manager of Finance in May 2012. In 2019, he assumed a new position as GM Business Development and Risk Management of KPC which was responsible for developing the PNT (increasing value added) coal project by converting coal into chemical products.