HSE Program


2016 marked the seventh year of DEWA Integrated Management System implementation since its initial development in 2010. To ensure the implementation of HSE in the Company’s operational area, in 2016 the Company improved the existing HSE management system by enhancing the effectiveness of HSE implementation through the application of Mining Safety Management System (SMKP), enriching the competency of each personnel, particularly on the understanding of HSE. This year, the number of our HSE team members that were certified as the Operational Supervisor by ESDM increased. The Company also continued to raise the awareness of the management by promoting the importance of HSE implementation through various programs within the organization.

However, the Company remained consistent in carrying out  other HSE main programs, namely:

1. DEWA PORTAL (Operational Control of Fatal Risks)

DEWA PORTAL is an occupational safety management program focusing on activities that contain fatal risks. As we minimize risks in every activity containing fatal risks, we will automatically mitigate workplace accident in the company’s operations.

2. DEWA ZAZHE (Zero Accident Zero Human Error)

The existence of human error at work is unavoidable. The same recurring human error without any controlling action against it is a door to work accidents. With this in mind, the Company develops the DEWA ZAZHE program which aims to quickly detect any action of human error and to control and prevent it from happening in the future. The whole series of this program needs proactive roles of the employees to help them become an employee that cares about HSE, in which they will be directly involved to carry out HSE activities in every work conducted. Thus, the employees will be able to detect human error early and actively control and prevent it from happening in the future and from causing work injury.

3. DEWA SMKK (Contractor Safety Management System)

The Company develops the DEWA SMKK program to conduct management and counseling to the subcontractors as part of its efforts to create HSE culture in their joint operations as well as to prevent work injury. Through the counseling program being developed, the subcontractors are actively involved to carry out HSE activities in every job they are in charge in. This is important considering subcontractors are one of the parties that have major contribution in establishing HSE culture and preventing workplace accidents in the company’s operations.

4. DEWA Active Communication and Supervision

This program is developed to ensure supervisory process is conducted effectively by active communication via Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Group and WhatsApp Group. In this program, every supervisor must document all supervisory activities conducted to further be communicated via BBM and/or WhatsApp. Therefore, any inconsistency of information or other matters related to the implementation of OHS in every work can be well communicated and followed-up quickly and properly.

Meanwhile, to ensure and improve the employees’ health, the Company regularly holds medical check up to all employees. In addition, in every work location, the Company provides healthcare facilities that can be used by the employees to monitor and maintain their health.