HSE Performance


In line with the increased activity and additional employees at new project sites, total incidents occurred in the Company’s managed mining areas (for Asam Asam Coal Project, Bengalon Coal Project, and Satui Coal Project) increased as well. There were 89 incidents recorded in 2016 with property damage (73 incidents) being the higher accident rate. During 2016, there were 11 incidents that caused injuries where 1 incident caused Lost Time Injury (LTI), 4 incidents caused Medical Treatment Injury (MTI), and 6 incidents caused First Aid Incident (FAI). Near Miss accident in 2016 was recorded to reach 7 cases. However, there was no fatal incident happened as described in the following table..

To increase the effectiveness of HSE performance and to prevent work injury from recurring, the Company ensures that every occupational accident should be investigated to identify the root of the problem, fix it, and make continuous prevention program. In addition, the Company also implements DEWA PORTAL, DEWA ZAZHE, and DEWA 100 HATI as the employees’ active participation program to apply HSE and prevent workplace accidents.


As a commitment to HSE policy implementation, the Company supervises the implementation of OHS-based operational system. The Company also audits the OHS management system to gauge the adequacy of the Company’s existing system to ensure that HSE is already well put in place in every operational activities. Other than measuring the adequacy of HSE, this internal audit program also aims to evaluate and