Barita Andi Siregar
Barita Andi Siregar
Chief Asset Management Officer
Senior Management

Barita Andi Siregar has more than 20 years of experience in mining and more than 5 years in the field of machinery engineering. Siregar who was graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, was once Vice President of Asset Management at Galeo Equipment Corporation, Philippines. He also established a mining contracting company and held the position of Chief Administrative Officer. Previously, Barita Andi Siregar had served as General Manager of Asset Management at PT Petrosea, and General Manager of Plant at PT. Omega Mining Services.

He was also the General Manager of PT Kaltim Prima Coal’s plant from February 2006 to June 2012. Then, General Manager of Mining Support Division from March 2007 to June 2012.